Breaking Bells 2 (Introducing Chelsey Capri)


Breaking Bells


Episode 2: Introducing Chelsey and discussing her Animal Crossing history. 


Joey Splats Topic: What is your favorite “unlockable” in Animal Crossing. Could be an item, a Shop. Etc.


Animal Crossing for Gamecube has a hidden NES emulator to play any game, found nearly two decades later - Animal Crossing World - Animal Crossing World


  1. Favorite thing to do in PG? 
  2. Who was your favorite villager in PG?
  3. Any memorable moments from that game that stick with you? 
  4. What was something you disliked? 
  5. What was your biggest accomplishment in that game? 



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Show Artwork by Adam Leonhardt ( @TheArtOfAdamL )

Intro Animation by Jared Gauthier ( @HylianTelligent )

Closing Music by Johnathan Brown ( @PurpleM13 )



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