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Episode 4: Of all the versions of Animal Crossing, which was your favorite and why?

5 Facts

-In Japan Animal Crossing is known by the name Animal Forest. They translation Animal Crossing came from the Animal Crossing signs in Japan.

-Wendall the Walrus will eat anything you feed him in the game, however in the original N64 Japanese version he will only eat fish.

-In Japanese version of AC for Gamecube you can get into Tom Nooks store after hours. You hit the door with a shovel and it opens up. He will greet you in his pajamas. Tom isn’t happy about this and will only let you buy and sell items, and items you buy face a 20% price increase.

-Mr Resettis Brother is obvious in City Folk and New Leaf however in the original Gamecube version the only way to find this out is to rest the game 5 times.

-Serena the Chiahua is the NPC that was only in City Folk and never appeared after that. She is a statue in the fountain in the city and when you get your fountain in town. When you throw an axe into it her ghost will appear and will ask you a series of questions. When you answer them in a proper order she will give you a silver or gold axe.

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