Would we make sports licensed Nintendo games again? | If We Ran Nintendo Episode 124

If We Ran Nintendo

Season 2 Episode 124

*Shout Outs*

Bobby - Kevin Pearson

If WE Ran Nintendo: Would we make a licensed sports game? If so, what sport would we choose and who would be our “cover” star? 

Baseball - Mike Trout would be the cover athlete. Treat it similar to Ken Griffey baseball. Take a serious look at Baseball game. 

Football - they can not get a license because of EA so I would make an EA  NFL Street football game or NFL Blitz with Nintendo Franchises (NFL Smash Football). 6v6 2 line men, 2 wide receivers, running back and QB.

NHL - Sidney Crosby as the cover athlete. Make the game a more serious hockey game. Not super hard. A bit arcade like. 

Sports games currently:

Mario Strikers

Mario Golf

Mario Baseball

Mario Tennis

What did you think about todays episode? What was your favorite part? 

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