Best SWITCH games wo play in HANDHELD?? | Nintendo Talk ep 90


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Episode 90

- Geek Outs

Bobby Topic: 

With everything we have coming out in 2019. What are your most anticipated games for rest of 2019? 

Toby’s Topic:

My topic for tomorrow. What 5 games do we recommend to play on the Switch Lite as a handheld only experience?

From out of the Green Pipe:

A lot of people are upset about the national dex in pokemon. Do you think that the reason they are taking this direction is because they simply wanna start fresh and want players to experience the new pokemon they have created?

Now that it's probably dead, fa favorite 3DS memories? Street Passing in Disney World

With the hype surrounding the BotW2 reveal, the massive success of the original and 2 new entries coming this year, I have to wonder: Is The Legend of Zelda currently Nintendo’s most valuable IP?

Closing Time:

What are we playing? 

Thoughts on BOTW2 


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What did you think about todays episode? What was your favorite part? 

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