Return of the Green Pipe! Super Mario Maker 2 thoughts | Nintendo Talk Episode 89


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Episode 89

- Geek Outs

Bobby Topic: 

With all the “leaks, rumors” of a Switch Mini. Do you think it will happen? What is it going to take for you to buy a Switch Mini? 

Toby’s Topic:

From out of the Green Pipe:

I know the switch is still a new console but where do you see them going after this? Or do you think they have dug themselves into a situation where they will have to do Hybrids for ever?

Why is Nintendo constantly behind the curve when it comes to online features? For example, in MM2 I can't simply find my friends' levels without them sending me a code.

Are we ever going to see different themes coming to the Switch??

Will we get another Nintendo mini console ?

  • The Wrap Up

Let’s talk Mario Maker 2