What does it mean for NOA with Reggie gone | How to approach games with a long lineage | Nintendo Playstation Podcast S3E8

The Nintendo Playstation Podcast

Season 3 Episode 8 w/ JoAfterWork

- Geek Outs

Sony Topic: 

Do you agree with the notion that you HAVE to play every game leading up to the sequel like resident evil 2, or closing chapter of a series like kingdom hearts 3

Commercial Break: 12 is better than 6


Nintendo Topic: With Reggie leaving Nintendo of America. What does this mean for NOA moving forward? 

What we are playing…


From out of the Warp Pipe

What do you think Nintendo’s next mobile game will be after Dr Mario and Mario Kart world tour? 

Who is your favorite Legend of Zelda Zelda character (minus Link)?

What are some new modes you’d like to see added to Tetris 99?

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What did you think about todays episode? What was your favorite part? 

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