Capcom holding Devil May Cry 5 Hostage! Why? | The Nintendo PlayStation Podcast S3E11

The Nintendo Playstation Podcast

Season 3 Episode 11

- Geek Outs

Sony Topic: Could a battle royal mode work in the last of us part 2

Nintendo Topic: Capcom is holding DMC5 “hostage” and saying depending on sales from Dragons Dogma they will consider a port of DMC5. What do you think about these sales tactics?

From out of the Warp Pipe:

With Turok coming to Switch, what other third party N64 games would you like to see follow it?

With games like Wargroove using inspiration from Advance Wars and Ukulele from Banjo, what other spiritual projects would you like to see indie devs take on next?

Seeing as Nintendo can put easy modes into hard games (Funky Kong in DKC & Toadette in Luigi U) should they also do the opposite with games like Kirby and Yoshi to appeal to more gamers? 

What game would you like to see panic button take on next.

What will be the next game to get new joy con colors released with it.

Do you think we'll ever get a new Fantasy Life and what would you like to see in it?

Which Nintendo game that you've played would you consider the worst?

Do you think we will get a sequel to either odyssey or botw?

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What did you think about todays episode? What was your favorite part? 

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