Hyped for PS5? | What do you need to upgrade to next Switch? | The Nintendo Playstation Podcast S3E16

The Nintendo Playstation Podcast

Season 3 Episode 16

- Geek Outs

Sony Topic: Are the ps5 announcements getting you excited?

Nintendo Topic: with all the leaks of a new switch upgrade. What excites you? What do you want in an upgraded switch. What do you need from Nintendo to make you upgrade day 1?

From out of the Warp Pipe:

Seeing as Nintendo can put easy modes into hard games (Funky Kong in DKC & Toadette in Luigi U) should they also do the opposite with games like Kirby and Yoshi to appeal to more gamers? 

Is there an indie title you'd love to see get a AAA makeover?

There is a lot of stuff like mother three that fans have been asking about for years but Nintendo doesn’t release them.  If their main goal as a company is to make money why don’t they release some of the games that people have been begging for (and WaLuigi for smash) that would sell incredibly well.

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What did you think about todays episode? What was your favorite part? 

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