From out of the Warp Pipe | Nintendo Playstation Podcast S3E20

The Nintendo Playstation Podcast

Season 3 Episode 20

- Geek Outs

From out off the Warp Pipe Questions:

With Nintendo so stacked with Games, will anything that’s listed at “2019” get delayed?

Do you feel Sony has been too Quiet? Or are you ok with the amount of communications from them?

With so many games coming out all the time, always, especially on Switch, how do you decide what to play?

Will Square Enix release Final Fantasy XVI on the Switch Only, On PS5 only? Or on both? 

Do you think the next cheaper design of the switch will have a 3ds slot for games?

Will there be a Vita 2? Or is Sony done with handheld/mobile gaming?

What returning feature do you want for the next big Zelda game or Breath of the Wild follow up? Aonuma has told us what he wants to do with making it multiplayer, but what do you all want?


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What did you think about todays episode? What was your favorite part? 

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