Has Death Stranding won us over yet? | Mario Maker 2 are we in or out? | Nintendo Playstation Podcast S3E22

The Nintendo Playstation Podcast

Season 3 Episode 22

- Geek Outs

Sony Topic: New Death Stranding trailer showed lots of new stuff including more gameplay. Do we have a better feel for the game now or are we just as confused as before?

Nintendo Topic: Why does Nintendo continue to drop the ball with Online? Does the Mario Maker online announcement change anything for you?

From out off the Warp Pipe Questions:

What do you think will be Nintendos “One last thing” moment at E3?

What is your personal favorite Nintendo console (home or handheld) of all time?

Do you guys think that Nintendo’s fall lineup is getting too full? Is there room for them to announce anything new for this year?

Are amiibo officially dead? The original Mario Maker was one of the best uses of Amiibo before.

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What did you think about todays episode? What was your favorite part? 

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